Water Adept welcomes water quality expert, Dorothy Hersey, Ph.D.

When it comes to water quality, Dororthy Hersey, Ph.D., knows it inside and out. Dr. Hersey works as a water quality scientist who determines sources of contamination in water sources across the United Kingdom, which helps people improve the water supply.

While a student at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, Dorothy was astounded to learn that England had some of the worst water quality in all of Europe. She extensively studied European Environmental Agency reports to discover how agricultural practices and population growth had contributed to the deterioration of English lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Dr. Hersey currently works with AECOM in Manchester along with a team of hydrologists, hydroecologists, and hydromorphologists to study contamination in natural water systems. They then offer assessments and rehabilitation services to both private and public sectors.

She enjoys being both out in the field and back in the lab, but working with clients to help them understand how to improve their water supply is her passion. She believes most people care about the quality of their water, but are often unaware of how their farming and waste management activities are affecting nearby water systems.

Dr. Hersey resides in Manchester, England, with her ferret Jonah, cockatiel Percy, and a big saltwater tank full of fish and corals. We’re grateful for her time and expertise to guide our content on water quality.