Water Adept expert Daniel Pleasants knows all about filtration and softening

Daniel Pleasants is an expert on all things home appliances. He is currently a dealer and installer of whole house water filtration systems and water softeners in the Seattle, Washington area. He belongs to the Washington State Association of U.A. Plumbers and Pipefitters (WSA) and earned his Bachelor’s degree in architecture and an MBA (masters in business administration) at Washington State University.

For the average homeowner, Daniel understands how intimidating it can be to add one of these systems. Since most people don’t have the plumbing skills to do it right, he recommends always recruiting the help of a professional to install anything that requires major work with water lines.

When he was a kid, Daniel tagged along with his father, who worked as a plumbing contractor for vacation rentals in Mt. Hood National Forest. It was there he learned to appreciate all the work and talent that goes with a successful plumbing project.

For his clients, Daniel offers not only installation, but maintenance and ongoing support to help homeowners keep their filtration and softener systems running smoothly. His best advice is to never skimp on good equipment and accessories. Cheap knockoffs cost homeowners a ton of money in the long run.

We’re excited that Daniel has offered to share his expertise to guide our filtration and softener content. Daniel lives in Seattle with his husband Derek and their three cats, Moe, Larry, and Curly.