Water Adept’s water quality expert Alfredo Martin on why we should all be water quality advocates

Before Alfredo Martin, PhD joined the Clean Water Fund in 1987 as a field community organizer, he thought poor water quality issues were unique to developing countries. He’s been proud to be part of an organization that has advocated for major laws in the US such as the Safe Drinking Water Act.

“People have been dealing with poor water quality in our country since long before Flint,” he says. “The only good thing about Flint is that it raised awareness. I try to emphasize to my students that just because they may live in a city, it doesn’t mean their drinking water is safe.”

As an assistant professor of Environmental Science at the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Martin highlights the scientific, economic, and political aspects that arise over environmental issues. He hopes to prepare students to take on important roles in government, non-profit agencies, and industries that focus on improving water and other environmental issues.

Dr. Martin grew up hiking with his family in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and still enjoys hiking, though he’s more observant of environmental changes now. “I remember drinking out of streams and thinking nothing of it back then. I wouldn’t do that now for a million bucks.”

Dr. Martin resides in Irvine, California with his wife Debbie. He loves to go hiking with his dog, Buster, and grandkids Jillian and Phin. We’re grateful that Dr. Martin is able to contribute his years of expertise on water quality and all the complex policies around it.